Our Story

Our story begins in 1995, when we acquired Woodland Ridge – a neglected property with promise and potential. Over the years, we dedicated ourselves to reclaiming and revitalizing the land. In 2010, we went a step further by building a home on the farm. We have always understood the profound link between nature and well-being, drawing inspiration from childhood experiences spent on our grandparents’ agricultural property. We witnessed firsthand the freedom and joy that comes from having a direct connection with the land, and we wish to help recreate those experiences for others.

We call our beloved mother nature “Momma Nay”, and our relationship with her is fundamental to everything we do. We believe that by working in alignment with her, we can create an environment of abundance where our crops and animals can thrive naturally.

We are particularly proud of our goal, which is teaching others how to care for their land in a principled manner. Woodland Ridge is not just a farm for us, but a learning center where we strive to nurture and guide farmers.